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Welcome to the Nutshell Farms blog, hope you enjoy your visit! :) 


I am Jess...owner/creator/front line for Nutshell Farms. I started in 2009, but the creativity started long before that. I have an appreciation for all things creative! I am obsessed with cooking, baking, and creating fantastic pieces that will (hopefully) be worn with love or find a special place in your home to be admired! :)  My passions are crocheting, sewing, good wine, finding great recipes, making soap, and painting! I come from a long line of very talented, creative, and gifted artisans!


The resident taste-tester (and my partner) is B-Real. He has his own shenanigans that he gets into...flying planes, gardening, tending to the chickens, chess, wine making, and unicycling...to name a few!

Oliver (also known as Flank and Chairman Meow) is our loveable fur-baby! He is a dirty hippie cat...and we would have it no other way! Oliver spends most of his day napping in a sunny window, playing with his homegrown/made catnip toys, or winding himself around my feet as I try to cook or bake in the kitchen. He enjoys splashing in his water dish, playing with his toys, and having his chin and belly scratched.

Squish (our newest addition as of January 1st, 2013) is the love of our lives! She is such a happy baby...unless being held by Ronald McDonald...that adds so much excitement, and joyous new possibilities to our home. She's got an amazing personality, and just an all around happy little squishy pants baby!

If you would like to contact us, please e-mail directly to nutshellfarms@gmail.com

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