Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dusty Antique Junk into Fantastic Wall Decor

So I have been spending way too much time on Pinterest and Craftgawker (and just discovered that they have a Foodgawker...swoon!)! That being said, I feel so inspired, and have stumbled upon some amazing blogs along the way.

I love digging through Antique places, and imagining what kind of treasures can be found...and then turned into something spectacular! :)  I happened to stop into one of my frequent haunts a couple weeks ago in downtown Defiance...when I came across some Victorian wood wall blocks (used in molding, door surrounds, etc). They were pretty banged up, and super dirty...but I saw some potential.

What you can not see from my photos is that there are tons of little nail holes in the flower carved piece, which I chose to not fill in. I thought it would take away from the piece to remove some of the history.

So I cleaned up the pieces, and picked up some spray paint from Menards (the Hammered finish was about $7 each, and the Painter's Touch was about $3.50). I planned on spraying the flower carved piece with the creamy white color, and then handpaint the carved flower. I still need to do this, and I think it will give it a very Dutch Hex feel to it.

Here they are on our living room wall (which the blue is much brighter than the color portrayed here), and I think looking at them I might go back before handpainting the flower one & fill in some of the nail holes & respray it. What do you think?


  1. Cute project! I like the white one a lot. I've never heard of Craftgawker, but I'm going to go check it out.

    Grabbing your button too! Thanks for grabbing mine!

  2. I have never heard of craftgawker...I better check it out.

  3. I am impressed! I wouldn't have seen any potential in those, and they turned out great.