Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Back to the Basics...

It has been a long time since I published a post on here, and so much has changed! We added a new addition to the house this early Spring, and Little Kitten & Squishy get along fabulously. Squishy loves being a big sister, and Little Kitten is so laid back.

Squishy just started her first year of outside Preschool, and she loves it. There are only 13 kids in her Preschool, and it is done at our church...we LOVE the teachers.

I will be changing gears a little on the blog, and I hope you enjoy the changes. I will still be posting sporadic recipes that we love, gardening/self sufficiency how to's, and random bits of reflections. However, we plan on homeschooling after Preschool, and you will find different projects, groups work, field trips, and crafts posted on here as well. I am excited to showcase more of our lifestyle on here, and I hope you will participate in the ride!

I will be having guest bloggers throughout the year to freshen up things a bit.

What are you looking for from Nutshell Farms? Add your comments below; I always love hearing fresh ideas.


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