Friday, January 20, 2012

A Zombie in a Bottle can fix anything...

I received a package in the mail today (actually I received several...but none gave me more joy than this little guy)...a Zombie in a Bottle. Yes, you read me correctly. :) 

I had been admiring the Gnome Sweet Gnome (A Sparkly Pony) shop for quite some time, and after ordering...and waiting (quite impatiently...because that is how I roll when I expect packages...just not a big 'surprise' kind of gal)...the package arrived today! YAY!! Amidst the blustery snow, I plucked my package out of the mailbox, and then raced into the house...turning the package over & over in my hands.

My items had finally arrived...the anticipation was growing. I carefully opened up the package to find two neatly gift wrapped boxes (you only see one because the other box is for a friend, and I don't want to chance her seeing her package).

So I gingerly pulled off the red yarn, and tore into the brown paper wrapping. There before me sat a tiny wood crate, lovingly crafted to hold the creature that lie within.

Yes folks, I ordered a Zombie in a Bottle...just as the fancy tape states. I almost didn't open the box, just because I was so fascinated by the way the box looked closed...I understand that sounds insane.

I could no longer contain my curiosity for finding what lies within that crate, so I carefully slit the tape along the seam.

What lie within was a fluffy bed of sawdust creating a cushion around a large glass vial and a long red string.

I pulled the vial from the sawdust, and was in awe at what I found...a teeny tiny zombie! Ready to eat my brains, should I ever allow him out of his little glass prison. Not gonna happen you little brain-eating freak! :) 

He might be missing some limbs, but don't let this creepy guy fool ya! He can really move...

Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh....I'm coming to eat your brains....

I love my new Zombie in a Bottle!! :)  He will look fantastical in my new office space. My next adventure will definitely be into one of these guys!


P.S. And, I should probably do a quick follow up to the previous post about marriage...I am thankful for the people in my life that accept me for who I really am! I think everyone is entitled to pursue their own happiness, and it isn't that I don't believe in marriage. I wish nothing but happiness for those that are married, newly married, those that choose to not get married, and those that are going through divorce.

I'm not an angry marriage hater...I promise! :) 

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