Thursday, July 25, 2013

The boxes are comin'...

That's right folks!! We've received word that a couple of the subscription boxes are on their way to our doorstep!! YAY!!

I'm super excited about doing these reviews!

Can you tell?!!?!'s the DL on what is going to be happening 'round here. We're going to be reviewing monthly subscription boxes, with a new "theme" each month.

Starting in September, you'll be able to access our reviews of the hottest trend...subscription boxes. Basically (if you live under a rock and don't know about these glorious things), each month a company will send you a box full of wonderful products to try out. Some of these companies give 'points' for reviews of the products onto their websites, or offer coupon codes, etc.

Most of these companies though have specific style boxes that they send out (i.e. food, eco-friendly products, baby/child items, makeup, etc.)

Here is the line up of boxes for each month:

September: Food

October: Baby - Child - Mama

November: DIY & Handmade items

December: Home goods, Party supplies, and Women's products

January: Fitness

February: Men's products

March: Beauty & Hair products

April: Pets

We'll have individual postings about each box, then at the end of the month we'll have a posting about which box won the award for best box that month...and then we'll also be doing reviews on the individual products within the boxes themselves. There will also be some video reviews for the boxes on our YouTube channel...bear with me peeps, I'm getting it up and running over there. :) 

Okay kids, that's all for now!

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