Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hog-Washery & Cuteness & Fun Adventure

I've been telling myself all day that it's Tuesday - which it's not. It's Wednesday...and it's dreary...and I'm tired/stressed/crabby/want to be snuggled up with my little Squishy pants at home right now.

I could play for hours with her on the floor, just rolling around.

Oh, and she's crawling now...YAY!!


Tomorrow is August...YIKES!! How did it get to be August already?!?!? I'm behind, as usual! I'll be finishing up some last minute stuff for the photo shoot/mini sessions this Saturday (stay tuned this weekend for some sneaky peeks at the awesome set ups), then hopefully meeting up for some drinks or a play date with my high school 'mommy' friend Lindsay! Woot Woot!

This weekend is going to be a good one, this week however is another story. We are in the "negotiation" stage of figuring out my hours for work. They say they need someone full time (I call hog-washery), and I think it would be fine for me to work 3 days a week.

This morning upon dropping off Squish at her 2 day a week (non-familial) babysitter, I was informed that we'll need to go to full time status with her or lose her as a babysitter. BAH! I don't want to pay a babysitter for 5 days/ depletes my already dismal paycheck to ridiculously low wages, but I don't want to lose her either. I guess we'll have to see if they are going to let me work part time, or if I'll be with Squish everyday. I could honestly live with the latter.

Coming soon...Subscription boxes!! This deserves another 'Woot Woot'! I have already received notice that a few are on their way to me. :)  I'm stoked!

I have this idea...which is drawn from this site's fantastic idea. So I want to start doing this amongst my own blogging friends, make new blogging friends, and possibly get my non-blogging friends in on this. Who doesn't love getting fantastic items in the mail.
Basically it will follow the same style guidelines as the Cara Box Exchange rules.
Each person will sign up for a specific themed gift box each month. I'm on the fence on the value, although $15 seems do-able for most, plus you would have shipping costs on top of this.
Can be purchased or handmade items (which I love the idea).
You would get the chance to meet some great people.
Win - win, right?
So...anyone in for the adventure?? I'm thinking this would start in October or November.
Thoughts, comments, poo-poos? ha! 
To cap off this dreary Wednesday post...let's infuse some cuteness!


You're Welcome! ;) 

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