Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inspiration Wednesday... brighten your day.

Here are some things I've found this morning that are really inspiring me for home décor.


Ghost House with Trees by Moorea Seal

I can see this going in the office, or in our kitchen once it's redone on a shelf. This is adorable!


Pogo Dresser from Sauder
I scooped up this dresser last week to go in Squish's room {now B-Real will have his dresser back}...for a ridiculously low price.  It's definitely a benefit to have friends that work at Sauder's!  Sauder's is located in our hometown, and have some awesome new collections.  It's all made right down the road from where we live too! I love the Pogo collection though...who doesn't love a toy chest at the bottom of a dresser?!?!
 Rustic Vineyard Chandelier from JunkyardJems on Etsy
This would totally fit into our style...we are wine fanatics! :)  I love chandeliers like these.

I also joined Polyvore today. How have I not joined this amazing site before!?!?! You can put together collections, which if you are a Pinterest user, you've seen all those great collections. Now I can put together my own 'Sets'. You can see all the sets that I come up with here, or you can follow them on my Pinterest.



  1. I love that dresser. It eliminates having another piece of furniture, aka the toybox, in the room.

  2. I'm pretty excited to put it in her room! It was a total random find, but one of their new collections. All the pieces in the collection have that bottom open drawer.