Friday, August 16, 2013

Is this week over yet???

I've been asking this question everyday this week.


I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water the last few days.  Squish has decided that she's going to 'Party Party' at night the good old days. 

{Okay, so the 'good old days' were only a few months ago, but when your kid doesn't sleep at night for the first 4 & 1/2 months of their life - causing you to run on 2 hours of sleep everyday, while going to work full time - your time seems to mash up all together.}

I'm at my wits end again, and don't know how I survived those first few months at all.  The last couple of nights I have caved and let her sleep on my chest a couple nights, and then last night she got to sleep in the bed next to me.  I'm hoping it's just a combo of a growth spurt & teething...that's a big hope.


Work has been hectic...mostly because I want to crawl under my desk and take a nap.  I'm in the process of getting everything restructured, caught up, and ready to go...for someone else to take over. 

Yes, that's right...I'm leaving work.  I will officially be at home with Squish starting September 7th {okay, so that's technically a Saturday...but the 6th is my last day}.  I'm excited - nervous - anxious - frustrated by this decision.

Things haven't been working out.  I put in for a promotion, was denied that promotion...but was still doing all the work of another person...put in for part time, denied that, and ended up deciding that I'm needed at home.  My milk production has suffered, because they are NOT supportive of my pumping schedule {even though I clock out for this}.  I'm losing sleep {long before Squish started to be up all night again} because I've had to add a couple MOTN pumping sessions to compensate for the lack of milk during the work day.  When I get home from's go go go. I don't feel like I take the time to enjoy Squish {or B-Real}.  I'm so consumed with what needs to get done for the next day, that I'm not really living in the moment...I'm trying to rush through.  Then my weekends are spent catching up on all the stuff that needs to get done throughout the week, but that doesn't.  I don't take the time to enjoy my family on the weekends then like I should be doing. 

I'm salty about what transpired at work, but I know that I'm better off in the direction that I'm going now.  I can focus on my family, enjoying this precious time with my daughter, and can focus on my own business. 


There is lots coming up in the next month also {I can't believe it's the middle of August...really?!?!}...

September kicks off the Subscription Reviews - starting with food...nom nom nom!

I'll be posting a couple reviews in the coming week that I feel should be done before hand.  For every review post, I will also be posting other things as well. This isn't a 'review blog'...but I'm grateful for the opportunity to review these items.  Who doesn't like coming home to a bunch of fun packages??

There will be a 40 Bags in 40 Days adventure starting in September also. I can't wait until Lent to start this program, it must get done before the holidays! ha!  My house looks like a tornado hit...a tornado by the name of Squish!  It's time to do some purging!

Next month there will be plenty of DIY projects {I've got a list started that I want to tackle from Pinterest}, recipes, shop news, and much more.

You can see Pinterest ideas that I've already completed here.

Thanks for sharing in this adventure with me!

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