Friday, September 6, 2013

Love With Food - Review Box - July 2013

Disclaimer: I received this box as a review. However, all the opinions are solely my own, and I was not compensated in any way for my opinions.

Love With Food is a monthly food subscription box. For every box that is purchased, they donate a meal to a hungry child. Win-win.

The Cost: $10 + $2 shipping each month depending on your plan. $11/month & $10/month if you purchase the 6 month or year subscription respectively.

The Goods: You will get 8 or more Organic and all natural products each month. They follow a theme each month.


{The July Box Theme was SUMMER BASH}

First look

Inside of the lid...pat yourself on the box, you just helped donate a meal! :)

The goods did all that stuff fit in that tiny box?? Secret ninja elf packaging...that 's how!

Turbana Plantain Chips Sweet

{These were okay. I really like Plantain chips, but I don't like them me weird.}

Seaweed Love Roasted Seaweed Snacks

{I haven't tried these yet. I tried some from a different box, and didn't like them. In all fairness they were a different brand, and in a spicy chipotle flavor...not my thing. These have been chillin' in our 'snack basket' on top of the fridge since they arrived.}

Smooze! Fruit Ice in Coconut & Mango

{This sounds good...haven't tried it yet though. I think I will share this with Squish. She's teething & loves anything frozen right now.}

Organic Flavrz Drink Mix in Revive

{I'm sure I'll get around to trying this sometime. I have so many teas and drink mixes right now, and I rarely use them anymore.}

Do More Bars in Pineapple Coconut Cereal

{This was tasty. Not my favorite bar I've ever had, but if offered one again I'd probably eat it.}

SoyJoy in Pineapple

{Okay, so I've tried SoyJoy before...and I didn't like it that with I try to avoid Soy products because let's face it - most of them are GMO. I gave it another chance, and it met my expectations of what I thought it was going to be...not very good. I'm sure lots of people like these. I'm just not one of those people. Give me a Luna bar any day!}

Surf Sweets Fruit Bears

{These were yummy. Not a traditional gummy that you would normally get. These were super soft...and lightly sweet, not overly sugary. I wish this was a larger bag. Then again I'm thankful they weren't because I'd want to eat them all.}

Pur Gum in Pomegranate Mint

{This gum is a win-semi win for me. I LOVE that it's Aspartame's hard to find a gum without aspartame...go ahead, go to your local Quik-E-Mart & try to find a gum that doesn't have this as an ingredient. It also have! :) 

Organic Hard Candy in Blood Orange & Organic Apple

{I don't remember the name of the company that makes these...but they were yummy.}


The Lowdown: Overall I really enjoyed this box. The value can't be beat, IMO. I also really like that they donate a meal for every box that is purchased. For the month of July they donated 2 meals for every box.

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