Friday, September 13, 2013

Nature Box - August 2013

Nature Box is a healthy snack food subscription box.
The Cost: $19.95 a month, and you have the option of adding on additional items each month {for an extra cost}.
The Goods: 5 healthy snacks that you choose, or you can choose the 'Surprise me' option. 
First look

The Goods Lineup
{A couple of these bags are already in this photo...that's because B-Real got to the box before I did. He already knew that there was food in there since he had helped me pick the options out. He couldn't wait.}

Dried Pears

{When I start off by looking at the ingredients, and there is ONE item listed...I know it's going to be a good product for us! Ingredients: Pears Yep folks, that's all that there is in that bag...pears. They were really yummy...tasted just like off our pear tree in the back yard. My only complaint...some of them still had the stems on them. You should really be watching what you put in your mouth anyways, right?! ha! Two thumbs up on these. *This was one of my choices.}

Granny Smith Apples

{These were the same as the ingredient. They were really good. Tart just like fresh Granny Smith Apples. *This was a B-Real pick.}

Peppery Pistachios

{My favorite from the whole box. These were SOOOOOOO good! I wish I would've gotten a whole box of these times 10...seriously. I could eat these everyday. *This was B-Real's choice...but I would've picked them if he had not.}

South Pacific Plantains

{These were B-Reals favorite out of the whole box. He allowed me to have a couple of these, and I agree with him...they were really good. I've had cooked fresh plantains, and I really liked them. *This was a group choice.}

**These were the two bags that were opened before I got home to unbox this.**

Blueberry Almond Bites

{These were amazing! There are way too many carbs in them for me to get them on a regular basis, but they were so good. Intense blueberry flavor, hint of almond, and crunchy. *This was my choice.}


The Lowdown: This is such a good box for us! I love that the snacks are in a large size, plus you get to pick what you want. I'm not good at surprises {I'm totally the kid that would snoop at Christmas time and know ahead of time what I was getting...and then act surprised about what it was} ...and they have SOOO many options to choose from. I love the fact that there is a complete section of Non-GMO products to pick from. This is a win in my book just for that option!

The value is great IMO considering the quality of the products.

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