Monday, September 9, 2013

Taste Guru - Box Review - August 2013

Outside of Box

Taste Guru is a monthly food subscription box that specializes in full size Gluten Free products.  

 The Cost: $34, $29, or $25/month depending on the subscription plan you purchase.
The Goods: Gluten Free Products


First Look

The Goods Lineup


LeVeneziane Gluten Free Pasta {2}
{I was amazed that they included 2 of these! I just cooked some up last week for Squish, and she really liked them. I tried a couple, and they are really yum.}
Namaste Foods GF Homestyle Coating Mix
{We haven't tried this yet, but sometime this fall I will be making fried chicken, or try the included recipe of Chicken Parm.}

Schar Vanilla Sandwich Cookies {4}
{There were originally four in the box when it came, however, one of these didn't make it to the photo shoot. What can I say...I love cookies. These were good, would've been better with a little milk.}
{I haven't tried this yet, but it looks yummy.}
Baba Joons Chocolate Chewies in Orange Almond
{I really wanted to like these...but I didn't. They were really dry, and hard...not a good combination. There was nothing "chewy" about these. I love the idea, but the execution fell flat.}

Happy Squeeze Super in Kiwi, Banana, & Apple {2}
{I'm on the fence about this company. I've seen it at Meijers - and I love the idea of Organic food pouches - I LOVE Plum Organics for Squish, but when reading the ingredient list...there are a bunch of words that are difficult to pronounce. I won't be giving these to Squish, but I might try them myself in a smoothie or something.}

Rocky Mountain Popcorn {White Cheddar & Jalapeno}
{The white cheddar popcorn was really yummy! I'm not a huge spicy fan anymore - since being pregnant with Squish - so this hasn't been consumed yet.}


Sea Fare Pacific Seafood Bisque

{This sounds really good...haven't tried it yet. We love Seafood Bisque though.}

The Lowdown: I really enjoyed this box. Almost all of the items in the box were a perfect fit for us. We are a low carb home, and I'm pretty new to the Gluten Free I don't know if these are all common brands in the GF world. I thought this box offered a nice variety of gluten free products though.

I purchased this box as a one time box.

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