Wednesday, September 4, 2013

OrangeGlad Box - Review - August 2013


Disclaimer: I received this box for review, however, all the opinions are solely my own. I did not receive any compensation for these opinions.

View of the bottom
Orange Glad Sweet Box is a new monthly food subscription box that specializes in Sweets. {See below to get 10% of your first box!}

The Cost: $15 + S&H each month

The Goods: Each month you will be sent a box full of yummy sweet goodness {5 items each month...they just opened their doors in July, so I think this will be the number they stick with}


First look
The Goods...look at all that sweet goodness!
Second First Look - Honey dipper!

Info cards & Honey Dipper

{These cards also tell you the consume by date for each product! There is also an extensive ingredient list for each item. I really wish more food subscriptions would do this!}
{You also get a bonus item! This sweet little honey dipper will come in handy! I love that it's sweet related, but not another food product.}

Popcornopolis Popcorn in Kettle Corn
{I've had Popcornopolis before in a different flavor. It was yummy then, but I haven't tried this flavor yet.}

I Live For Dessert Cake Balls
{I tried these right away, since they had the fastest exp. date. I wanted to like them, the photos on the site looked so yummy, and come on - who doesn't like cake balls?!? I opened up the bag, and there was a small bag of cocoa powder, and two very smashed cake balls. They were dry, and while they tasted like wasn't very all. Meh! I hate giving reviews like this...but it happens. Maybe fresh from the original seller they would be better, or a different flavor, but I wouldn't purchase them based on what I tasted.}

Hottie Biscotti in Coconut Pineapple
{I haven't tried these yet...but they look so delicious!}

The Crispery Crispycakes in Chocolate Sprinkled Crispycake
{I ate this...the whole one sitting...all by myself. SMH - I planned on trying this with B-Real, but that didn't happen. It had been a long day, I was up late working on my sister's memorial video, and Squish hadn't been sleeping well at night for WEEKS...I needed a sugar fix. I got one with this. ha! It was AMAZING!! After scarfing this one down, I wanted another one...I will be diligently staying away from their website because they have so many more flavors. It's not your typical rice Crispy treat, this was so soft! You can order some here...I recommend you do so!}

Gianna's Homemade Baked Goods in Lemon Frosted Sugar Cookies
{These were very tasty. Light lemon flavor, and the frosting was yum too. They are a little on the crisper side for my preference for sugar cookies, but very good!}
The Lowdown: Who doesn't like getting sweets delivered right to your door?? I love the concept of this box, the company has stellar customer service {at least in my experience}, and most of the companies I'd never heard of before.
I really liked the overall value that they had to offer with this subscription. The bonus item was very fun also!
Want to get your very own Orange Glad Box?? Click the photo link below, and enter 'NUTSHELL7' at checkout and receive 10% off your first box! Woot!

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