Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taste Trunk - Gourmet Trunk - August 2013

Outside of box. Very cute wax seal. BTW-Holy dark photos Batman!

Taste Trunk is a monthly food subscription box that comes in four different categories. {see below}

The Cost: $34.99 a month {$29 + $5.99 for shipping}

The Goods: 5 to 10 products in the category of your choice {you can switch up the trunk categories month to month} of Gourmet, Sweet, Healthy, or BBQ. They also include info on each company & product, as well as some coupon codes and recipes.


First look - Look at that packaging...I know it's going to be a good box when this is my first look!


Second First Look - Nothing is getting broken in this box!

The Goods

The info cards
{I'm really impressed with the amount of company information, and the recipes on these cards. Fantastic!}

The Jam Stand in Drunken Monkey Jam
{I've seen this jam swirling around in the subscription box world, and I'm excited to finally have a chance to try it! I make jam & jelly...and can say that there is nothing better than well made jam, until you add booze to it! ha! I love to add alcohol to my jams & jellies, and I can't wait to try this one!}

Iveta Scone Mix in Apricot
{I'm always on the fence about mixes - probably because I make most of our goods from scratch...I make a dang good scone! I've found really good reviews on this one though, so I'm going to save this little gem for a rainy day when I'm out of scone ingredients.}

Two Snooty Chefs Kansas City Steak Seasoning
{I've already tried this on two different things: club steaks that we then broiled - YUM! and oven roasted Chicken - Equally YUM! I see this lovely seasoning being used up very quickly in our house. Squish was even intrigued by this - see the bottom of the post.}

The Girl & The Fig Lavender Sea Salt
{I'm at a loss on this one. I have NO idea what to do with this. If it was Lavender Sugar...oh, okay I know what I'd use it on, but it's sea salt. I might try it on a veggie bake or something...hmmm.}

Cucina & Amore Pesto Alla Siciliana Sun-Dried Tomato
{I die...seriously, the people at Taste Trunk must have really done their research on me - of course, I'm sure they do research on each individual customer right?? This is such a good fit for me! This item right here is the reason why I kept my subscription in the gourmet category.}

Susan's Gourmet Salsa Relish in Mild
{I'm excited to try this. It looks delish. B-Real wrinkled his nose at this, but it's a "poop fruit" product - I'll be able to enjoy this little baby all by myself!}
The Lowdown: I really loved all the items in this first box from Taste Trunk. It wasn't a huge value over what I paid, but it was on point. The items are new to me, and I got to discover some products that normally I wouldn't have access to where we live.
If you would like to sign up for your very own Taste Trunk, you can do so here. If you feel so inclined, put my name 'Jessica Potts' in the Special instruction section. :) 
Here's some cuteness for your consideration in the matter:
She loves the Kansas City Steak seasoning...that's mama's girl!
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